Source waters in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed consist of wetlands, sloughs, lakes, rivers, and groundwater aquifers. These provide for our drinking water and support agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and other manufacturing industries. Source water is an important resource for ensuring a healthy, functioning ecosystem and maintaining cultural assets.

The North Saskatchewan River Basin Council is a non-profit organization that has been formed to support and direct the implementation of the Source Water Protection Plan for our watershed. The plan has been built over 4 years of public consultations with the assistance of the Water Security Agency. Because the watershed is so large and source water protection is a long-term project, we will need community support in order to be successful.

We are actively seeking community involvement. Water affects everyone so it is important that everyone has a chance to be involved with protecting it.





Ditch the Rake!

Ditch the rake and have a break this fall by leaf-ing your leaves on the ground. Don't be-leaf us? Trust us you're not being lazy by not raking your leaves, you're benefiting the environment, and your yard. 

By leaf-ing the leaves you are: 

- Helping protect tree roots during the winter
- Letting nature add organic matter to the soil
- Providing wintering habitats for insects and small mammals over the winter
- Improving biodiversity in your backyard!
- Reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers
- Reducing your waste footprint by reducing the production of methane gas that would otherwise be generated from landfill disposal

Don't like the look of leaves lying all over? Here are some ideas 

- Rake the leaves into your flower beds
- Place the leaves in mulch rings around your trees, shrubs, and flowers
- Mow over the leaves and leave the finer leaf mulch on your lawn
- Add leaves to your compost throughout the winter

The Natural Edge program 2020

We planted 5 Natural Edge sites this year totaling 341 plants! Since 2016 we have helped naturalize 15 shoreline sites with almost 1000 native plants! In addition to the 5 planting sites, we also finished planting our Shorelines at Work Demonstration Site at Agnes Street, Emma Lake. The 2020 Natural Edge planting projects were all at Emma Lake, SK, and are part of a larger project Emma Lake Action & Understanding. To learn more about the project Click here

A shoreline rich in native vegetation comes with many benefits, including, preventing erosion and filtering runoff that enters the lake. To top that off you won't be needing your lawnmower or fertilizer as they are minimal maintenance since they are native to the area.

The Natural Edge Program (developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation) looks at bringing back native vegetation to our shorelines to help maintain and improve lake health while still providing shoreline use for recreational purposes. These vegetated buffers serve the surrounding environment in more ways than one. Native vegetation filters runoff nutrients before entering the lake stabilizes shorelines, reduces erosion, and creates food for wildlife while restoring their habitat. To learn more on the Natural Edge, CLICK HERE.



Check out our well-decommissioning video HERE.           

250,000 Litres of Oil Pollute the North Saskatchewan River.  Eyes wide open as to our dependency and vulnerability on the quality of our Source Waters.


North Battleford winning a National Municipal Environmental Award in 2015 for implementing the system - See more at: