Education and Awareness

2019: School Programs

Looking for a great hands-on experience for your class? The NSRBC has the knowledge and resources to engage kids in learning activities related to watersheds, plant identification, and water quality. We use a watershed model and an envision groundwater model to show the importance of buffers, riparian areas and how they help to keep our watersheds healthy. We can also utilize a water quality kit or 'Hach' kit to measure various water quality parameters of local water bodies. Click Here to contact us, book a presentation or if you have any questions.

Watershed Model:

Groundwater Model:


Caring For our Watersheds:

From Alberta to Ontario, students have the chance to make a difference in their watershed with this program. 'Caring For our Watersheds' gives students the opportunity to create and submit a proposal on how they can make a positive change in their watershed based on a relevant concern or issue for their region. Their project is entered into a contest for their region and the winning student or participating school group earns a cash prize and eligible funding to implement their project proposal. To learn more about contests, eligibility, and further information, visit Caring for Our Watersheds.