Culvert Mapping

Culvert Mapping is a great way to manage the assets of an RM or First Nation Band (FNB). Our Culvert Mapping service can provide you with information about the culverts in your area. We can offer you inventory of how many culverts, their condition and their value. The report received at the end can help you identify which culverts are in immediate need of repair or replacement, we can provide you with a GPS with proximity alerts to help avoid further damage to any culverts, and it can help your RM or FNB plan for flooding events.

While we are out mapping all the culverts in your area, there is the possibility of mapping additional infrastructures as well. We can map road signs and residences (for civic addressing programs). We can also keep an eye out for environmental issues such as invasive weeds, erosion and abandoned wells. There is the option to survey with a survey-grade GPS for a high accuracy, for an additional charge.

The NSRBC has delivered this service to the RM of Caron, the RM of Canwood, the RM of Douglas, the District of Lakeland, the RM of Manitou Lake, and the RM of Mervin.

We work together with other watershed groups to offer this service to municipalities across the province.

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Invasive Weed Mapping

The NSRBC can offer your RM or First Nation Band (FNB) assistance with your invasive weed management. We can map the invasive plant species and assist with developing plans to control the spread or eliminate the presence of these species. We can then offer the data to you so that a licenced herbicide applicator can find the weeds easily to spray, or you can arrange targeted grazing around larger areas of weeds. 

Both Rms and FNBs are eligible for the invasive plant control program through SARM. This program assists RMs, FNBs, and through RMs and FNBs, Producers and Other Stakeholders with costs to undertake and coordinate the control of Prohibited Weeds as well as specific Noxious Weeds that are persistent and problematic invasive plants. You can find more information and eligibility here and program guidelines here on SARMs website. If you decided on the targeted grazing, there is a rebate option as well through the Invasive Plant Biocontrol and Target Grazing BMP. You can find more information on that here.

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Qualified Person Services

 The NSRBC can act as your Qualified Person in the preparation of applications and approvals for drainage works. Many people don’t know that it is the LAW to permit your drainage works. This is important because drainage plays an important role in agriculture in Saskatchewan.

By using the NSRBC the approval process for your application will be more successful, run smoother and faster Many projects require approval such as: the operation of unapproved drainage projects, alteration, modification, or extension of approved drainage projects, proposed new, permanent, and/or temporary drainage projects, continuing operation of drainage works with an expired permit. If producers permit their works, it will allow them to continue farming operations as usual for the term of the approval without threat of closure.

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